• "The course has been informative and instructional from the start; it has prepared me well for a career in teaching. Every member of NWSCITT has been supportive and encouraging. My advice would be to listen to their advice – they know what they are talking about!"
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Why Choose North Wiltshire SCITT

North Wiltshire SCITT is a highly respected and well-established partnership of schools based in and around the Wiltshire area and offers practical training in a variety of schools, with experienced practitioners to mentor you through the course.  

We believe the best place to train teachers effectively in the highly complex art of teaching is in schools and the close links within the partnership provide trainees with a broad spectrum of experiences. Trainees meet centrally for Professional studies training sessions, this enables them to share good practice and discuss their experiences in the different schools. Formal academic lectures and training sessions are delivered by serving teachers and experts in various fields.

You will be based at one of our partner schools for the majority of your training year, with a second school placement for around ten weeks.


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