Steven Paddock - SCITT Director

Steven is currently Deputy Headteacher at RWBA.  Having an unusual route to school leadership which included stints in business in London and New York and eleven years as a senior leader in an outer London comprehensive school.  Steven studied Sport Science at University of Brighton and qualified as a teacher via the GTP route in 2007 as a PE specialist.  These experiences have driven a passion for pupils’ achievement especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – his desire is to drive aspiration for all pupils irrespective of background.

As part of his role at RWBA Steven supports school improvement within 30 schools regionally under the Challenge Partner network. 

Steven is enthused to support SCITT trainees as the higher quality the training each new teacher has, the more ready they are for the career in its entirety.  The challenges of the SCITT year and beyond are to be embraced and planned for effectively and Steven is happy to pass all his experience over to the next generation.

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