Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the titles for the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us should you have any more:

01793 781 511  or email admin@nwscitt.org.uk 

Degree Results

“I will not know my degree result until the end of July, is it still worth applying?”

You may still submit an application pending your degree result.  An offer of a place would be conditional on the successful completion of your degree at the required level.


“My degree is a 3rd class degree. Can I still apply?”

Whilst we prefer our trainees to have gained at least a 2:2 degree, it is still possible for you to apply, especially if you have lots of relevant work experience and can demonstrate both your desire to teach in your chosen area plus appropriate subject knowledge or experience.


“I have a Foundation Degree, can I still apply?”

Unfortunately, this does meet the eligibility criteria. You will need a full degree with at least 300 credits, of which 60 credits must be at Level 6.  However, there are lots of courses available that will allow you to “top-up” your degree to either an Ordinary Degree or an Hons Degree. 


“Will you accept my Ordinary Degree?”

We accept Ordinary Degrees, as long as they are 300 credits, with a minimum of 60 credits at Level 6. 

Qualifications required

” What qualifications do I need to become a Secondary Teacher?”

You will require the following qualifications:

GCSE Maths and English Grade C / 4 or higher  (or equivalent)

A Degree, preferably 2:2 or higher

“What qualifications do I need to become a Primary Teacher?”

You will require the following qualifications:

GCSE Maths, English and Science  Grade C / 4 or higher  (or equivalent)

A Degree, preferably 2:2 or higher

“Are my overseas qualifications suitable?”

If you have non-UK qualifications, you will need to ensure that they are equivalent to UK GCSE and degree grades.  You can apply for qualification comparison at ECCTIS.

“Is my Level 2 Functional Skills Test Acceptable?”

Sorry, but this is not an acceptable qualification for our courses.  You will need to complete your GCSE or take an equivalency test. 

“Do you accept Applied Science GCSE?”

Unfortunately we do not accept Applied Science.  We require either a combined science GCSE or a full single science GCSE in Biology, Chemistry or Physics (Grade C/4 or higher). If you do not have these, you will be required to take a science equivalency test as part of your conditions of offer. 

“Are BTEC qualifications acceptable?”

Please contact admin@nwscitt.org.uk to discuss your qualification. 

Please note that for BTEC Level 1 / 2 Award Application of Science & BTEC Level 1 / 2 Award Principles of Science: This is only accepted if both qualifications have been awarded at Level 2, Merit or higher.

“How do I take an Equivalency Test?”

We accept equivalency tests from the following providers :

Equivalency Testing

A Star Equivalency 

North Wiltshire SCITT will need to see verification of your result prior to you starting the course. Please ensure that you take your test early enough, in case you need to resit your exam. Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow you to start the course if you do not have the required GCSE.

“I have an equivalency test from another provider, will you accept it?”

 We appreciate that some Universities may accept or offer alternative equivalency tests, however, we only accept equivalency tests from the above recognised providers. 

“I am waiting for my GCSE /Equivalency Test result, can I still apply?”

Yes! you are more than welcome to apply, however, we will require formal verification of your result prior to you starting the course.

“Do you need to see original examination certificates?”

Yes, we will require you to bring us your original examination certificates as proof that you have gained the qualifications.  Unfortunately, we do not accept transcripts/print off of GCSE results as proof of qualification due to the risk of fraud.  You will be expected to provide us with verified copies or statements of results from the examining body.

“I have lost my original certificates, what do I do?”

Please contact us straight away.  We will be happy to talk through what you need to do and what we will or won’t accept.   You will need to contact the examining board who will be able to issue you with a replacement certificate or statement of results.   Below are the most common English examining boards, which include past examining boards that have been incorporated.

AQA | Contact us | Certificate services | Past results and lost certificates

Order a replacement document | Pearson qualifications

Where do I study?

“Where will my training take place?”

Approximately 80% of your course will be spent training in your placement schools.  However, you will also undertake professional and subject specific studies at North Wiltshire SCITT, in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, one of our partnership schools or virtually.


“Will I have to go to Bath Spa University?”

No.  All of the PGCE assignments are launched either at NW SCITT,  at one of our partnership schools or virtuall.   However, as you are registered at Bath Spa University, you are more than welcome to use their facilities.  Information regarding your PGCE can be accessed on their Minerva student portal. 

School placements

“Who will organise my school placement?”

The NWSCITT will be responsible for securing you an appropriate school to support your training as a teacher. 


“Where will my placement school be?”

We take into consideration your home address and always try to find you a placement school which is within 30 – 45 minutes drive away. The placements available to us vary every year and depending upon school staffing availability.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee you a particular school.  However, we are always happy to consider any suggestions you make of potential schools willing to host trainees.


“When will my placements be?”

You will have 2 different placement schools across 3 placement periods.

Placement 1 – this will be your Host Placement School.  You will be here from September until December. 

Placement 2 – this will be your Complementary Placement School.  You will be here from January until approximately Easter (approximately 10 weeks).  The aim of this placement is to provide you with a contrasting school experience.

Placement 3 – you will return to your original Host Placement School from after Easter until the end of the course. 

Please note, that the above is based upon non-pandemic scenarios. Should there be the need for another National Lockdown as a result of a pandemic, we reserve the right to change the placement structure if required.


“When will I find out which school I will be going to?”

We aim to provide trainees with details of their Host Placement School during their Induction Day in July, at the latest.  This is to allow trainees to make initial contact with their school mentor and arrange to visit their new school. 


“I am already working in a school, can I go there for my placement?”

We prefer our trainees to go to a different school to one that they are currently working in.  This is to allow them, the school staff and pupils the opportunity to transition from their previous role into that of a trainee teacher.  It also allows the trainee to gain an appreciation of how different schools work.  On occasion, and on request, we sometimes allow trainees to return to a school for their complementary placement.  However, this is only with special arrangement and only if we feel that it will not be detrimental to the trainee’s experience or progress.


“How far am I expected to travel?”

When finding placement schools, we take into consideration where you live and, as much as possible, we aim to try to find placement schools within a 30-45 minutes drive from your home address.

The majority of  the Central  Studies programme is delivered at the Teaching Education Centre (TEC) in Royal Wootton Bassett, other local schools or virtually.  

Subject development training normally takes place at the school of your Subject Lead Tutor, which will be in one of our partnership schools.

Trainees are responsible for their own travel arrangements.


“Do I have to travel to Bath Spa University for my PGCE?”

There is no need for your to travel to Bath Spa University.  Whilst you are a registered student at Bath Spa and you can use their facilities if you wish to do so, all PGCE tutorials will take place either at our North Wiltshire SCITT training office, one of our Partnership Schools or virtually.


“Do I I need to be able to drive or have access to a car?”

Whilst it is not essential to be able to drive, please bear in mind that Wiltshire has some remote locations and public transport is not always reliable. You will need to make your own way to our training in Royal Wootton Bassett, to your placement school and to other schools as necessary. Unfortunately, we are not always able to guarantee a placement school local to you, as placements are dependant upon staffing and mentoring capabilities there. These can vary each year.

Do I get paid?

There is no salary with a SCITT course.  The course fee  is £9250.00.


SCITT trainees can apply for funding through the Student Loan Company or if bursary funding is available to you, you can choose to pay your fees from this.


Should you wish to self-fund your course, we have a range of flexible payment options available to you. All course fees must be paid prior to the awarding of QTS. 


Information on funding for teacher training can be found here:   https://www.gov.uk/teacher-training-funding


Can I receive a bursary for my course?

Some secondary subjects do have bursaries associated with them.  These are subject to trainees achieving the required degree qualification and being eligible to receive funding through Student Finance England.  Bursary information can be found here:  https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/funding-my-teacher-training/bursaries-and-scholarships-for-teacher-training



Some subjects also attract a scholarship.  Eligible trainees will need to apply for this through the relevant scholarship board. You are not able to receive a bursary and a scholarship.  Please see the above link for more information. 

Professional Skills Test in literacy and numeracy

” Is it correct that I have to pass these tests in literacy and numeracy before I can start the course?”

No. For courses starting after 1 April 2020, the DfE has removed the requirement to pass the nationally set literacy and numeracy professional skills tests.  However, we have to ensure that all of our trainees have the fundamental skills in these areas prior to awarding them their QTS status.  You will be required to take literacy and numeracy assessments, as part of your pre-course tasks. Depending upon your skills and knowledge, you may be required to take additional assessments throughout the course.   

What qualification will I gain?

By the end of the course, you will have gained your Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) plus your PGCE with 60 Masters Credits (a Level 7 qualification).  This counts towards a full Master’s degree (180 credits) should you wish to pursue this at a later date. 

North Wiltshire SCITT will recommend you to the DfE for the award of your Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). To achieve this, you will need to be able to evidence that you have met the Teachers’ Standards. 

Your PGCE will be awarded by Bath Spa University and you must have successfully submitted and passed the 3 assignments set.


Change of address

“Do I need to tell you if I change my address?”

Please tell us as soon as possible if you change your address, even if it is prior to the course starting.  Your school placements will be influenced by this. 

In addition, your enhanced DBS checks will need to be based on your current address, with proof of address provided to us.

Identification Required

“What identification do I need to show you?”

You will be required to show us proof of identification. This can include official documents such as driving licence, passport, national residency permit etc.  Should you change your name, due to marriage or deed poll, we will also require to see documents to prove your name change.   This is part of our Safer Recruitment and Safeguarding policies and forms part of your condition of offer. 

You will also be required to present us with relevant documents as part of the Enhanced DBS check that will take place prior to the course starting. This will include those mentioned above, plus proof of  current address etc. 

What happens in the event of another pandemic?

“What happens in the event of another National Lockdown?”

During a National Lockdown, schools are often still open for those children who are considered vulnerable or the parents of key workers. In addition, schools are required to provide remote lessons to pupils.  Each school will work differently, but previous trainees have either delivered lessons remotely, recorded lessons or set work. Some have volunteered to assist with the Key Worker and Vulnerable school rota and continued to teach face to face in schools.  


“How will being in self-isolation affect my course?”

As long as you are well, you may still work remotely with your school. This can be teaching lessons, working with your mentor to help with planning, recording lessons etc. You could also use the time to work on your PGCE Assignments, your evidence bundle or your CPD. 

If your school bubble goes into isolation, you may also be able to teach remotely, record lessons etc. 


“Will our placements change as a result of a National Lockdown?”

North Wiltshire SCITT reserve the right to alter the placement structure should there be a National Lockdown.  However, any plans put in place will be dependent upon the circumstances at the time.