Frequently Asked Questions

  • Degree Results Open or Close

    "I will not know my degree result until the end of June, is it still worth me applying?

    You may still submit an application pending your degree result.  An offer of a place would be conditional on the successful completion of your degree at the required level.

  • Professional Skills Tests Open or Close

    " Is it correct that I have to pass these tests before I can start the course?"

    Yes, you are required to pass the professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy before starting the course.  Once you have submitted an application, you can arrange to take the tests by registering online via the DfE website -

    We strongly advise you to complete these as soon as possible.

  • Travel Open or Close

    "How far am I expected to travel?"

    The Central Professional Studies programme is delivered at the Teaching Education Centre (TEC) in Royal Wootton Bassett and the majority of our partnership schools are within a 40 minute drive of here.  When placing trainees in schools, we do as far as possible take into consideration where you live. Subject development training takes place at the school of your Subject Lead Tutor which is one of our partnership schools.  Trainees are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

  • Is this a paid course Open or Close

    There is no salary with a SCITT course.

    The course fee is £9000. SCITT trainees can apply for funding through the Student Loan Company or if bursary funding is available to you, you can choose to pay your fees from this.

  • School Placements Open or Close

    The NWSCITT will be responsible for securing you an appropriate school to support your training as a teacher.  However, we are always happy to consider any suggestions you make of potential schools willing to host trainees.

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