English (2LLz)

English (2LLZ)

Unfortunately our English course is now full for our 2023-2024 programme. 

English teachers help to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. 

Trainee English teachers will ideally have a comprehension of language and understand the varying ways that we can use language and why.  They will also have an appreciation for literature and be able to bring the text alive in the classroom; making it relevant to the pupils, to allow them to connect the text with the real world and form their own judgements.

During the subject sessions, you will cover topics such as:

  • Shakespeare.
  • Modern Drama.
  • Poetry.
  • Narrative prose and writing.
  • The language of persuasion.
  • Non-fiction reading and writing.
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening from Years 7-11.
  • English lesson planning and curriculum.
  • English assessment and feedback with examples of best practice shared.
  • Extensive wider reading and research to support subject knowledge and pedagogy.

We are looking for:

  • Inspirational trainees, with a passion for English language and literature, who are committed to education.
  • A degree, of which at least 50% must be related to your chosen subject area. 
  • An A-Level in English Literature is desired, but not essential.
  • Trainees must be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the subject at interview. A wider, foundation knowledge of key literary texts across time would be an advantage.
  • Understanding of working knowledge of how language can be constructed for different purposes and audiences, plus the importance of context and representation.
  • Flexibility, initiative, resilience.
  • Confident communicators.
  • Time management skills.
  • The ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.
  • A team player.
  • Trainees who are prepared to work hard and be organised.

School Experience:
Whilst not a requirement of the course, it is beneficial to gain some school experience (either as observational days, Teaching Assistant roles, volunteering etc.) to understand the role of a teacher in the classroom.  This will also allow you to make an informed decision as to whether or not a career in teaching is the right choice for you.