Computer Science (2QX9)

Computer Science (2QX9)

Unfortunately, our Computing ITT programme is now closed for 2023-2024.  Recruitment commences in October 2023 for 2024-2025 courses.

Computer Science teachers are training pupil’s for jobs in technology that don’t yet exist. Trainees should have excellent problem solving skills and be excited about new technology and how it will impact people’s lives, they should enthuse pupils with the opportunities this will bring.

Ideal candidates will make the topics engaging and accessible using theory and practical programming projects with both block and textual programming languages.

During the course trainees will cover topics such as:

  • Key algorithms and their use
  • Python programming and programming theory
  • Data representation of number, text, images and sound
  • Hardware architecture
  • Functions of software
  • Networking and the internet
  • History of Computer Science in schools and the development of Computer Science in the curriculum
  • Physical computing
  • Applying teaching and learning theories to the computing classroom
  • Subject knowledge development modules and the role of the NCCE
  • Key concepts and misconceptions in Computer Science
  • Transition from primary to secondary and assessment at KS3
  • Courses and exam specifications at KS4
  • Transition from secondary to KS5 and assessment at KS5
  • Short, medium and long term planning in Computer Science
  • Adapting teaching, differentiation and SEND in Computer Science
  • Marking, assessment and feedback in Computer Science

We are looking for:

  • A degree, of which at least 50% of the content is related to computer science.
  • An A-level is computer science and/or significant relevant experience is also desired.
  • The ability to use and understand code, ideally Python, but we will consider other languages.
  • In addition to Python, SQL is also desirable.
  • Inspirational trainees, with a passion for computer science, who are committed to education.
  • Trainees who can demonstrate their computing knowledge and subject passion.
  • Flexibility, initiative and resilience.
  • Confident communicators.
  • Good time management skills.
  • The ability to be able to remain calm and focused under pressure.
  • A great team player.
  • Trainees must be prepared to work hard and be organised.

School Experience

Whilst working within a school is not a requirement of the course, it is essential that computer science lessons are observed prior to starting the course to fully understand the requirements of a computer science teacher and whether this is the right career choice for you.