• "The course has been informative and instructional from the start; it has prepared me well for a career in teaching. Every member of NWSCITT has been supportive and encouraging. My advice would be to listen to their advice – they know what they are talking about!"
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We offer provider-led, fee funded, Secondary School based training, leading to the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and PGCE with 60 Masters Credits.

Our courses offered are listed below.  Unfortunately, all of our courses for 2020-2021 are now closed, but will reopen for 2021-2022.

SECONDARY (11-16 yrs)   

Art & Design (2LLX)  - Course Full

Biology (2QXC)  - Course Full

Chemistry(2QXB)   - Course Full

Computer Science (2QX9)  - Course Full

Design Technology (34RP) - Course Full

English (2LLZ)   - Course Full

Geography (2QX6)  - Course Full

History(2LM3)  - Course Full

Mathematics (2LM2)   -Course Full

Modern Languages (2QX5)    -Course Full

PE (2LLY) - Course Full

Physics (2QWY)  - Course Full

Religious Education (C312) - Course Full 

SECONDARY (14-19 yrs)

Social  Sciences (14-19 yrs) (2LM5) - Sorry this course is now closed for 2020-2021 but will reopen for 2021-2022


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