• "The course has been informative and instructional from the start; it has prepared me well for a career in teaching. Every member of NWSCITT has been supportive and encouraging. My advice would be to listen to their advice – they know what they are talking about!"
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We offer Primary and Secondary School based training through School Direct and Provider led routes, with both routes leading to the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and PGCE.

Whilst there is no expectation of employment within the partnership of schools for Core places, we have an excellent track record with 100% of our trainees wishing to pursue a teaching career leaving the programme with a job offer.

Courses for 2020 open on DfE Find on 8 October 2020.   Our provider code is 24U

We will be offering the following courses for Secondary 2020 :

SECONDARY (11-16 yrs)   

Art & Design (2LLX)

Biology (2QXC)  


Computer Science (2QX9)  

Design Technology (34RP)

English (2LLZ)   

Geography (2QX6)  


Mathematics (2LM2)   

Modern Languages (2QX5)    


Physics (2QWY) 

SECONDARY (14-19 yrs)

Social  Sciences (14-19 yrs) (2LM5) 


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